My Story


Artistic architecture to me is one that tells a story, that gives a new
 perspective through physical and architectural elements, that convey a
message, emotion or experience.
I believe that architecture can change the lives of people as individuals and
as a whole society. By maximizing light, air flow, use of space and color, for
maximum flexibility and comfort it is possible to create a multi-sensory
experience that connects directly to the needs and desires of the user.

Michal Shilgi

My name is Michal Shilgi, a
graduate of the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at Bezalel, Jerusalem. I established my architecture studio in Karkur in 2011 where I specialize in private homes and education centers. My vision is to plan and design modern buildings with artistic depth and sustainable thinking.
I approach planning with a broad vision and perspective, which respects and enables environmental and historic elements to sit in harmony with new designs.

We enjoy
exploring the
between material and
and life.

The Studio

We enjoy exploring the relationship between material and space, environment and life. Our passion is designing spacious, simple and pleasant living spaces that reflect environmental aspects such as lot conditions, light, wind, sun, good proportions, quality materials and precision True to our architectural vision and guiding principles, the architectural planning is merely the starting point, we invest a great deal of individual attention and effort into interior design, carpentry design as well as in unique construction details. Every project’s planning involves an in-depth examination of multiple aspects such as the client’s needs and personal style, indoor-outdoor flow, as well as budget and technical solutions . The studio design process is based on extensive expertise and experience in planning, licensing and construction process and procedure.

My architectural approach rests on five key principles:

Architecture is aimed at shaping spaces for humans, who use it and experience it. Therefore, my architectural work is always client-centered!


The architectural creation must be usable no less than shoes or reading glasses.

Structural unity

The architectural creation must express its structural language and principles.

Organic harmony

Architecture as a whole must reflect the period of time in which it is created, its culture, economy, and aspirations.

Beauty & aesthetics

The architectural creation is whole,when its conceptual basis is reflected in its good proportions, composition and harmony.